A Learning Experience

Yesterday I attended a leadership seminar.  I am normally very turned off by leadership or team-building seminars which may seem weird considering that I manage graduate business programs.  But I often find them very fluffy and lacking content.  You feel great for the short time you are in the session and then all is lost by the time you get home.

But this one was different for me.  I actually found myself taking notes.  The concept was that the body and the self are the same and that we all have a shape.  This shape is created by years of experiences, reactions, etc.  This is not necessarily referring to physical size but more to how you physically carry yourself and react.  And that there is energy in the body that can be used to project presence.  Now this sounds just like the advice of stand up straight..firm handshake…eye contact…that you hear over and over again.  However this was different.  It was about breathing and finding an inner core to balance yourself against challenges. 

Some key points that I took away are the idea that it is not “what do you know” but “what can you do”? This was a bit of an aha moment for me.  I love gathering knowledge and learning about new things and I do think that is important….but most important is applying that knowledge to an activity or skill set.  What can you do with that knowledge?    

And another was that we are always practicing.  You improve your skills at most anything by continual practice.  And hopefully that practice will make us better….better students, better managers, better parents/wife/partner, etc.  I like this idea because everyone has blunders when practicing but you realize it is all part of getting stronger.  Takes the pressure off a bit….

So I actually had a good leadership seminar experience and thanks to the power of blogging I am doing something I have rarely done in the past….go back and revisit what I learned yesterday and strengthen the impact of the lesson.  I guess I am practicing!


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