Reflections after class 8 – October 9

The question about how to tailor instruction to a class full of different personalities, backgrounds, experience, etc.  was a great one.  I am not an instructor but I can only imagine how difficult that must be.  I do, however, read professor evaluations and am a sounding board for students having issues in class.  This week’s class session gave me reason to pause and think that maybe I can be evaluating the student comments in a different way.  Too bad everyone’s locus of control or personality type isn’t plastered on their forehead.  It might make it easier to understand how the same professor can get horrible and glowing rating all in the same course — and not just make the assumption that the student doing poorly isn’t motivated enough.

But perhaps asking some directed questions might be helpful enough as a starting point.  The question would be what to do next?  Counsel the student?  ask the professor to adjust the course slightly (ha!)….  maybe those answers will be found by the end of the semester!

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