Reflections after class 10 – October 23rd

I am digressing a bit here but I wanted to touch on the micro-aggression topic again.  We discussed in class that everyone commits acts of micro-aggression. I know I do but I think I would rather take the risk in good faith that I may offend someone than to remain silent.  My concern is that I might miss an opportunity to get to know someone or learn more about them by remaining silent or ignoring.  It is a humbling experience to reach out in unfamiliar territory — however if the intentions are honest I think it can be very rewarding. 

Now..onto learning styles.  I did not feel that 12 questions related to one particular learning instance is enough to determine the type of learner.  Although I do have to say that my results were fairly on target with my characteristics.  I do not like the title of accommodating…seems a bit timid.  Maybe conflict avoider??   I do worry about labels.  On one hand it is perhaps helpful for people to understand why they do things a certain way, but on the other hand perhaps it can be limiting.   It would be a shame for someone to shy away from an opportunity merely because they thought they would not be successful. 

As for the



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