Reflections after class 11 – October 30th

Peer pressure and that need to feel accepted is very powerful.  I wonder what makes some people feel that the reward of breaking out of the expected norm is worth the fight.  My mother is the only one in her family that broke the cycle of staying in rural Idaho to raise a family.  Instead, she and my father moved to Washington DC and she eventually went to college and then on to run a successful business.   I know that a lot of her motivation came from a desire to not go back to a life in Idaho.  Yet my extended family who are all still there raising families never seemed to want any other type of life.  They are complacent and happy to be surrounded by relatives.  My mom often remarks how lucky we are to have had a lot of opportunity and although I do agree, I have never felt sorry for my family.  They seem to be perfectly happy.  It’s all about being true to yourself.

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